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1) Valley Girls Dance reserves the right to refuse or expel anyone for disruptive, rude and/or unruly nature at the discretion of the instructor and owner with regards to classes at any location. Valley Girls Dance has a zero tolerance gossip/bullying policy and is dedicated to providing a harassment-free and inclusive experience for everyone. Speak up if you see or hear something. If you have a concern that needs to be addressed, this must be brought to our attention via a private message or in person. Our goal is to keep building a mutually respectful environment, in & out of the studio, for all of our instructors and students. Any inappropriate or slanderous remarks about Valley Girls Dance will be cause for immediate dismissal from the studio.


2) Valley Girls Dance including all participating instructors and staff members, will not be held responsible for any claims to death, damage and/or injuries of any kind to any participant resulting from activities held at any location premises or at any of the events that Valley Girls Dance is taking part in.


3) Valley Girls Dance reserves the right to use participant photos and videos for advertising and publicity purposes.


4) I understand I must have permission before filming during class. Permission is required for posting any VG media, videos, choreography on personal page and must always credit, tag & mention @valleygirlsdance in all posts of our choreography, videography & photography. Any videos/photography taken at Valley Girls events, classes, shows, are not to be used to advertise any other business. 


5) I understand sessions are non-refundable and not transferrable to another person or another session. This policy applies regardless of participation or attendance. Valley Girls is not responsible for classes missed due to moving, school, finances, work, etc. The only exception would be a significant injury & a doctor’s note addressed to Valley Girls would be required to receive a credit to use when the injury is healed. We are a small business with limited spacing and appreciate your understanding.


6) There are no refunds or make up classes for classes that must be cancelled due to weather, power outages & other unforeseen circumstances.


7) I understand that attendance is imperative for Performance Programs. Students who aren’t present for new show choreography will not be added into that section unless director decides otherwise. I understand if I miss more than 2 performance classes, I may be removed from a routine or the show altogether. This is due to the fact that we do not have the class time to go back and re-teach choreography/missed sections. Learning from home or from a classmate is not as effective as learning from your instructor in the studio and the class cannot practice as effectively with missing bodies. *Extended absences due to illness or injury will be dealt with on an individual basis.*


8) If future COVID type restrictions affect in person classes, we will transition into an online learning method to complete remaining classes and/or wait until restrictions lift to complete remaining sessions.

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